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Helsinki Photo Festival

The Happiness Project will be exhibited for the fifth edition of Helsinki Photo Festival. The Happiness Project will be exhibited on the exterior walls of the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki from July 7 […]

Finland Published

Finland The Happiness Project from a collective trip in May 2019 has been published. The book explores themes around the United Nations’ World Happiness Report, which in March 2022 ranked Finland as the most content […]

The Milton Keynes Project

The MAP6 photographic collective explore the complex relationship between people and place. Every year the group spends time together to photograph and present curated exhibitions and publications. MAP6 were drawn to Milton Keynes 50th birthday […]

The Moscow Project

The Tower Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the Moscow Project, a new exhibition by the British photography collective MAP6.  Although Moscow is often talked about, it has been a place seldom visited. […]