Taabar | Jaipur

On my trip to India this earlier this year I spent a day photographing a street kids program in a small and very well run charity in Jaipur. The charity Taabar works to help and support runaways, orphans, slum and street children who are struggling to survive in the harsh conditions of everyday life that is India. Amazing children, so well behaved and so grateful for food and shelter; It was a very humbling experience and a pleasure to photograph such lovely children. I have been very touched by the program and will be working with the charity during my future trips to India and will be helping them with marketing fundraising via the UK. My year in Sierra Leone taught me a lot about the "business" of charities and it is smaller charities like this that actually make a difference, where the money raised actually goes to help those that need rather than charities that continue to throw money to pay people harass people in the streets to sign-up for donations… but don't get me started on that one…



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