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Peckham 24 Photo festival

As part of photography collective Map6 I will be showing new work from my series Divided Lives made in Lithuania.  The exhibition will run from 19th May until 22nd as part of Peckham 24 and PhotoLondon. 

Peckham 24 is a 24 hour spotlight on the contemporary photography scene in Peckham from Friday 20th may from 6pm until Saturday 21st May.

All  9 artists from Map6 will be showing work under the title of Home.

Home for most of us is a geographical reference point.  The notion of home is deeply embedded within the human consciousness. For some it may signify a house, a family, a country where one was born  –  it may even define our identity.  For Peckham 24, British photography collective MAP6 will showing work made in the UK and Europe that explores the significance of ‘home’.




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All Images Copyright Heather Shuker 2021
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