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Brighton Photo Fringe

The Windows of the World Series  from the Moscow Project is being shown in 2 exhibitions at part of Brighton’s Photo Fringe.

MAP6 are showing at the 7th Floor Collective at Vantage point from 2nd October to 2 November.  A solo show on Windows of the World (Russian Kiosk Culture is on show for the launch week of the Fringe from October 2nd at Taylor Street Barista. 

Russian kiosk culture arose after the end of communism in 1991, when entrepreneurs started to import goods and, with no formal retail spaces, built kiosks. Today, these ubiquitous kiosks line the underground passages in Moscow. The series observes contemporary life through the windows of these fast-disappearing kiosks.


Brighton Photo Fringe

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All Images Copyright Heather Shuker 2021
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