Electric Elephant Festival | 7 years in Photos

Andrew Weatherall, DJ Croatia

The Electric Elephant festival now in its 9th year has grown from 500 friends to over 2000 people who I’m sure are all connected with less than 1 degree of separation.  I went to the first festival in 2008, took a few snaps and then in 2009 I photographed the full shebang – running from stage to the boat and onto the club …. and never missing a trick.     As a lover of disco and garlic squid and photographer of life and happenings it’s been a dream event for me.

As photographers and visual story tellers we get choose what we photograph and how we present to an event to the outside world..In doing so I have created the visual identity of the festival – using light, love and laughter.

“Electric Elephant is not just a holiday, it’s an escape, a getaway an adventure in the land of music with like minded souls that invokes the original spirit of Ibiza of the seventies and early eighties.”

Alas, I am not photographing  the festival again in 2016.    I started this post last year and never finished it .so here it is,..I could go on and on and it will never be finished…. Here is a random selection of moments … The photographs will will live on (I will be uploading them all to a download site soon) allowing everyone to print and save and relive their memories for years to come … and not via facebook! Electric Elephant Festival disco ball

EE (HeatherShuker)-4

The disco ball is the window to the world on the festival, come rain or shine it hangs above and continues to twinkle. The disco ball is our most treasured party symbol. Reflecting fractals of light from above the dance floor and pulling our focus to the centre of it.

EE (HeatherShuker)567These wooden boards have seen so much action … Suitably inappropriate and decorated boat footwear.

Electric Elephant Festival

EE (HeatherShuker)-53Improvisation and creativity at the 11th hour. I love all the shit people made ..

EE (HeatherShuker)-428

Electric Elephant Festival




EE (HeatherShuker)418

EE (HeatherShuker)-287 “Andy Taylored …” And all the props and trinkets and elephant attire !

EE (HeatherShuker)-40


My photo muses Jonny & Justin above and Wham moments below

EE (HeatherShuker)-159

Barbarellas Croatiaargonaut boat party

The original Barbarbellas nightclub in Petrcane


Electric Elephant -287

Bad weather moments

elephant poncho

beach bar garden festival site

I was about to go home before sunrise after 4 long days and nights of photographing and seeing the sky and missing the epic storm the year before I was not going to miss the it in 2014. Raining in Barbs.

EE (HeatherShuker)568

EE (HeatherShuker)591 EE (HeatherShuker)589EE (HeatherShuker)586

EE (HeatherShuker)570

The guys that kept the ship, the sound and us going!EE (HeatherShuker)-363EE (heathershuker) (403 of 973)

Some DJ Moments

EE (heathershuker)-553EE (heathershuker)-333EE (heathershuker) (243 of 973)EE (heathershuker)-3

EE (heathershuker) (568 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (344 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (400 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (810 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (844 of 973)EE-558-1EE (heathershuker) (163 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (460 of 973)

EE (heathershuker) (430 of 973)

EE (heathershuker)-223 EE (heathershuker)-492EE (HeatherShuker)43

My Girls …

2851154384_211d9a333f_oEE (heathershuker) (195 of 973)

EE (heathershuker) (357 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (674 of 973)EE (heathershuker) (323 of 973)EE (HeatherShuker)66EE (heathershuker)-204

The boat  EE (HeatherShuker)410EE (heathershuker) (556 of 973)EE (heathershuker)-436

I could go on forever..i’ve taken over 10k photographs…

And finally all of the above dedicated to the one that brought the most fun to the party.  xxx

EE (heathershuker)-359

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