Electric Elephant Festival 2014

Electric Elephant festival

Electric Elephant 2014 was held in the sleepy town of Tisno on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. 2014 was my 7th year of  photographing the festival ; My photographic Busman’s holiday and one where I party while photographing and photograph while partying.   With years of experience of photographing live music events and knowing the crowd and the music well I can get fully involved in the fun and frivolities and still never miss a trick. By being on the same level as everyone I am able to capture the essence of the festival and translate the emotions and energy of everyone into memorable and defining imagery.

As a portfolio of images… there are lots of hands in the air shots as there are more hands in the air moments than you can shake a stick it…. and as hands in the air photos go these are hard to beat – with people bursting with joy and happiness for 5 days not just 5 seconds.   There are also the quieter moments, the idyllic surroundings of the Croatian coast and capturing Play Your Card Right on the beach!

The party at Electric Elephant is a total break from reality,  far removed from a dirty warehouse in East London full of twenty somethings wearing tennis whites with stupid haircuts.  This is an event for grown ups who love their music and having a good time and know all the words to Wham! (Sorry DJ History types.. this is a photographer’s view ..and it’s so Balearic.)

Highlights for me were Garlic Squid, Horse Meat Disco & Low Life and the Idiots & DTSB Boats (obv’s). Chris Duckenfield on the beach bar.  Then in Barbarellas the storm and dancing in the rain,  Motorcycle Drum Ensemble who had amazing energy and was great to photograph and San Soda and Red D bringing Barbarellas back to life again with Womack & Womack and dancing about with their pineapple mascot!

Every year I get asked by friends – “why you are going again..  is it not the same…”   “Yes I reply the same but ever so different!”

Same – amazing people, great food, fun, hilarity, creativity, happiness, amazing energy, dancing under the stars, hearing Fleetwood Mac & Wham, hanging out with my bestest friends from the Herd

Different – no pink fizz only white, hearing a different Fleetwood Mac track, seeing some clouds, dancing in the rain, meeting new friends, hearing new music, getting less sleep, laughing more.

Low Lights – Getting locked out of apartment and having to go to the Void or whatever its called to wait for a suitable hour to wake up the landlord and not as much Disco as needed for photographs of girls in Bikinis ! And boring Norman on the main stage.

I am a creative photographer and passionate (bordering on obsessive) about my art;  wanting to capture every visual memory and  striving to create beautiful photographs no matter what time it is in the morning. You can see the fruits of my obsessive photographing ..while still partying below.

Big Love as always to my fellow Elephants for being such a dream to photography and helping me make such colourful and energy filled imagery. xx

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Heather shuker, www.heathershuker.co.uk, electric elephant festival, tisno, croatia

boat party Electric elephant festival

Heather shuker, www.heathershuker.co.uk, electric elephant festival, tisno, croatia

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EE (HeatherShuker)43After missing the storm in 2013 there was no way I was going to miss another.  It brought everyone together and no one was going home early…  It was a magical experience..

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