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  Embrace is a photographic series exploring couples embracing in a kiss. The work tries to capture the tension between the stereotypical image of a romantic kiss and the reality , and to create images […]


  Photography for me is all about people and I love creating portraits. British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain winner.    


  “How can anyone be expected to live like this? We are dying and no one is listening to us. All we want is to get out of this life and make something of ourselves. […]


Finland. In search of happiness. Sauna Culture. The sauna is dear to me, almost sacred. My father was born in one, and his dying wish was to bathe  in a sauna one last time. Summer […]

Divided Lives

The region of Dievenišk and Šalčininkai is an enclave of Lithuania surrounded by the border of Belarus.  When Lithuania and Belarus were both part of the Soviet Union the border between these countries was just […]